Our last release of our pilot season is here and it comes in the form of a new OTO drop which is now available. For our November OTO drop we chose to take our best designs and give them the sweater treatment for the fall season. We have The “Old Yorker” in crewneck and hoody options. The crewneck comes in black, red and navy. We also took “Top 5” and put it on a black crewneck. All pieces are made to order, we only produce what is ordered. The sale is up for 1 week after once it’s done the pieces are gone.






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Last month was the last time Leant was held at Parts and Labour, as you can see from the some of the pics there was just as much of a party outside the club as there was inside the club. With that the gang decided it was time to move to a bigger venue to accomodate everyone and get them inside. I’m honestly going to miss having Leant at Parts, the crummy basement vibe was one of the best parts of the party. But it is time to move on and I’ll go wherever the party goes. At least I’ll be able to walk around Tattoo, (I hope.) and see people I know. Going through the Bozack’s pics I saw a bunch of friends that I didn’t see the night of. Well check out the pics of what went down last month and remember tomorrow night Leant is on and poppin’ at it’s brand new home Tattoo.

For more pics and all details on Leant click HERE


The Plug 1055

After taking the summer off, Big Jacks, Royale, Bozack Morris and Mel are back on the air on Monday nights with “The Plug” on Vibe 105.5 from 8:00PM to 10:00. Don’t worry I’ve been told by Royale that the show, which will make it’s debut tonight, will still have the same vibe of it’s predecessor “Backroad Radio”. That means same great banter with the DJs and hosts, entertaining interviews and freestyles from guests that come to hang out and like I said earlier tons of great new music for your ears. So tonight tune in to Vibe 105.5 at 8 for “The Plug” and every following Monday night. You can listen online HERE. Make sure you follow “The Plug” on INSTAGRAM for any info.